Meet the Maker

Hello! I'm Amanda, the creator behind Moncur Collection. Ever since I was young I've always been a creative and loved all aspects of art and design. With a degree in graphic design, I've always loved branding so starting Moncur Collection meant I could be my own client and have the creative freedom over of the packaging, photography and overall design. Not gonna lie this was a blessing and a curse, it was exciting having so much freedom but at the same time one minute I'd love a design and the next minute be sick of it 🤦🏻‍♀️
In my younger years I was obsessed with creating cute polymer clay charms which lead me to creating my own youtube channel where I grew a following of around 12K subscribers, 13 year old me felt #famous. (It's all private now cause I'm so embarrassing haha). This was back when youtube was at its prime where it was mainly used as a hobby rather than for money, it was all so exciting sharing my creations with people all over the world. It was during this time that I knew one day I wanted to start my own business! As I got older, I stopped creating videos to focus on my studies and work and it wasn't until 2019 when I came across all my supplies and clay that I figured it would be a shame for all of this to go to waste. Being a lover of earrings and seeing the handmade trend evolving I thought why not give it a shot, and that's how Moncur Collection started! 
I'm so excited to see where this side hustle will go so stay tuned for exciting things! xx